How to get 5v out of 12v batteries

By | December 30, 2020

12v batteries is the most common type of battery used in the world. Cars, light bulbs, motors, home appliances, ever many of the wall plugged devices converts the high line voltage to 12v dc current inside.

Conveting voltages can be done through different aproaches. In this how to guide we’ll use a buck step down converter to easily convert the 12v voltage to 5v, like the common chargers for mobile phones. This is very usefull due to the fact, that too many devices use 5v as their working current ( arduino and many other microcontrollers uses 5v as a basis ).

Losses during convertion of voltages is a known issue and has to take attention. Sometimes convertion consumes more energy than the actual need of a microcontroller!!! More info at converting power loss article.

DC-DC Buck Converter with 7 Segment Display LM2596 Philippines
A DC buck converter with monitor

Lets see how it works. A buck converter has input an output pins. It can accept a voltage of 12v and and convert it to any voltage depending the manufacturers data sheet.

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